About Mina

About Mina - Post Featured Image - Mina's Letters

Mina is my pen and artistic name.  During the simple reality of my life, I answer to Lisa Heidel.  Growing up with the name Lisa was tedious given how popular the name was during my childhood.  Writing and art give me a chance to envision the me I am inside.

Creating is one of the best processes I know to balance my busy life.  With three beautiful boys, two gracious given daughters (along with two son-in-laws, twin grand babies, and another grand baby on the way), and the most loving husband in the world, I don’t lack for much.  Oh, and don’t forget the assorted pets that keep us all laughing.

My journey through words and fiber is truly a process.  I have been writing and creating fiber arts for over three decades now.  The most engaging and riveting part of any project is the planning and creating.  Once a project or item is complete, the sense of longing to create returns anew to propel me forward into the next process.  Whatever the project, the key ingredient is always hand and heart working together to create joy and beauty for the envisioned recipient.

While I still thinks of myself as a non-native, it was over twenty years ago that I moved to California.  As I lived in the Midwest and on the east coast, I earned degrees in clothing and textiles, communication, and historic costume and textiles with an emphasis in museum studies.  If that wasn’t enough, I have a single subject teaching credential in English.  Learning is a lifelong process that I take very seriously.