Write about Us

Each year, my sixth grade students blog.  We start out talking about the history of blogging, terminology, and features of blogs.  Then we move on to viewing several blogs.  I show them a sports blog (whatever seems current) and a food blog (Smitten Kitchen) to appeal to all my learners.  My favorite one to share […]

Life as Journey

Loss of a loved one always brings with it a journey.  Sometimes several journeys result from the loss, and either way you find yourself in the midst of process.  A couple weeks ago, I traveled with my family to Montana to grieve the loss of an adopted brother.  My husband was one of the speakers […]

Deep Longing

Each venture starts out with small steps.  The birth of an idea, the promise to try something new, or the offhanded remark to a friend all start you on the path.  Several months ago, I decided to start writing so that I could write beside my students.  A blog offered me a chance to combine writing […]